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Android Side

1. Get Started

Add a new project or import an existing project to Firebase console.
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If you choose to create a new project, you need to set the project name and country. For example, I will call my project Abc Mobile Security.

enter image description here

Then select “Add Firebase to your Android app”.

enter image description here

Set a package name for your app. I only set my package name and omit the SHA-1 because I don’t use Firebase for my app’s authentication.

enter image description here

Click the ADD APP button here to download google-services.json. This is an important file and you will need to put it into your app.

2. Add Google-Services.Json To Your App Folder

Replace the google-services.json in your app folder. The Google services plugin for Gradle will load the google-services.json file you just downloaded.

We Have Completed Android Side !

Server Side ( Admin Panel )

3. Upload PHP Files To Your Server ( Web Site )

Extract the zip file which you got from codecanyon and Extract it.

Copy all the files and folders from PHP Folder which is located under the Server Side ( PHP ) Folder.

And Upload that copied files and folders to your server. ?

And Just follow below –

4. Obtaining Your Firebase Server API Key

Firebase provides Server API Key to identify your firebase app. To obtain your Server API Key, goto firebase console, select the project and goto settings, select Cloud Messaging tab and copy your Server key.


5. Do Config On Admin Panel

1. Goto config.php file and do editing according to your information.

2. Goto PHPMYADMIN from Cpanel and paste the data of database.sql file which is located on Main File > Server Side ( PHP ) > SQL Folder

We Are Done!

Now you can access admin panel with

username/email : admin and password : admin

Don’t forget to change your admin panel’s Password after done ?

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